Video - Norway's DNT Hut System - from The Adventure Show

Copyright restrictions usually prevent me from publishing features from The Adventure Show, made by the excellent Triple Echo Productions for BBC Scotland.

This is an exception and it allows me to explain a little of what happens behind the scenes.

Making items for TV programmes like this are my bread and butter.  (If you want to hire me, please get in touch!)

I researched possible locations and English speaking contributors, set up the shoot, and after a month of emails and phone calls, Cameron and I flew out of Aberdeen Airport.  

It might surprise you to learn there is no team behind the camera. No director, producer, sound people, assistants or gear carriers accompany us. There is only Cameron and me. David Attenborough's shoots are quite different, but then, so are his programmes.

Consequently, I shot much of this feature wearing an 80L rucksack. It held my personal hill kit, spare camera kit, and had a large tripod strapped to the side. Cameron and contributor Are helped enormously by carrying a small bag of camera kit each. For the walk-out I made a padded tube so my Canon XF305 slips safely inside the rucksack.  

So when you watch us heading down Bergen station platform it is for real - one take, no rehearsal - we really must catch that train. Cameron is very patient while I try to juggle the physical demands of filming with the mental exercise of ensuring we have all the sequences we need.

We flew out on a Friday, back in a Monday so it truly is a Wild Weekend.  I immediately went into a four-day edit, cutting the material into shape, before passing it to Triple Echo Productions for the final edit. In the finished show it's divided into two parts, but I've run them together here.

Now you know the background of to this sort of film you might watch it in a slightly different way.


Iceland Circumnavigation said...

Fantastic!! I cant believe that the hut was stoecked with food. I did not know you are back in the non-kayaking film-making saddle (you were probably never off it)! Hope all is well!! xxx, Marcus

Simon said...
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Simon said...

Hi Marcus

This is what pays the bills - and it's fun!