Fasted Bike Training and More Nutrition Advice from SiS

If I had to sum up this chat in four words I'd choose these - Eat More Cottage Cheese.

If you find this useful, please click a few of the advert links, it really does help.  Thank you!

It is the slowest release protein food source and the ideal snack to keep the evening munchies at bay.

But take it 'neat'. Eat it with a spoon, not spread on bread or a cracker. Cut the carbs.

It will release protein into your body through the night.

This is the advice to me from Dr James Morton, senior lecturer in exercise and metabolism at Liverpool John Moores University, and nutrition adviser to Science in Sport. I'm part of their SiS Winter Academy.

Fasted Training
After my initial conversation with Tim Lawson, founder of SiS, I'd increased my fasted training to help weight loss and to encourage my body to use fat as endurance fuel. Initialy I over did things and rode too many fasted sessions. So I cut back and was now wondering how many fasted sessions I should do each week.

"Fasted training is one of my main research areas", Dr Morton explained over the phone.  (Wow - I'm talking to the expert on fasted training).

"When we first published this people took things too far, doing all their sessions fasted. Frankly, we're not yet sure how to periodise it over the week, but two sessions should be fine".

Then came my lightbulb moment.

"Your weekly long ride over three hours would be a prime candidate for fasted". Eh? I thought I had to do these fueled? I said so in my last video (see below).

"Do the first 60-120 minutes fasted with just GoHydro in your bottle", Dr Morton explained, "then start feeding in the carbs".

Do I do this in additon to my two fasted turbo sessions? "You'll just have to see how it goes", came the reply. This really is such a new area of training nutrition research. We then discussed other SiS products I've been sent as part of their Winter Academy.

SiS Go Gel + L-Carnitine. Apparently Carnitine builds up in the body, so you need to be taking one gel a day for this to have greatest effect. But on the long ride, this would be the best gel with which to break my fast.

CLA Isomers. "Interesting you feel this works for you", said Dr Morton, "because I swear by this for fat burning and use it to help boxers make lower weights". It definietly works for me. It's not eight loss per se, but with exercise it encourages fat metabolising.

Omega 3 Shots. High qualty fish oils of which we don't eat enough in most diets.  Why are SiS suppliments, like this and the CLA Isomers more expensive than rivals? "Because they are a purer source. If anything of ours costs more it's because it's purer and works better". Fair enough.

I wonder when they'll start selling cottage cheese?

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