New Podcast - Aleutian Islands with Rob Avery

Happy New Year - here's your present!

This podcast is guaranteed to inspire you. One listen and you will pick a great new destination to go sea kayaking this year.  

Rob Avery of Active Paddles (our US DVD distributor) has made several trips to the Aleutian Islands off Alaska, travelling from his home in Washington State, USA. 

I persuaded Rob to share his knowledge of this exciting location in an enthralling podcast which left me wanting to pack my bags - right now!

Download the Podcast free via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, from our home page or listen to the streaming version below.  Subscribe free and you won't miss a thing.

Next month... is not yet recorded. Who will it be? Your guess is as good as mine! I do know there will be a cycling video coming next week - hopefully on Monday.

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