Video - First Advice from Science in Sport Experts

I have changed what I eat, when I eat it, and how I train as a direct result of my conversation with Tim Lawson, the founder of Science in Sport.

Not bad for one fifty minute phone call!

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The principles apply to most off-season training, so I'm passing on this information in the hope it will be useful to other cyclists. I wrote about it here and there's more in the video below.

The phone chat took place before Christmas.  I've not had much time to put it all into practice. Snow and ice in December, travelling for the holidays, and a knee and hip injury have interfered.

Recently my first free products from Science in Sport arrived - there's a list here. This is clearly what SiS believes is a good package for Off-Season training.  In the video I discuss how I've been advised to use them. 

But there are some items I'm not sure about. So I'll soon have another chat with an SiS Nutrition expert after which I'll,once again, pass on all I know. Another member of the SiS Winter Academy has also written about her experiences.


Sarah Davies said...

Thats brilliant - you answered some of the questions I still had on the stuff they sent!

Simon said...

Hi Sarah - That's funny because I found your info about the Omega shots helpful too - I had no idea how/when to use them. Hopefully the next chat with Dr James will clarify more.