Video - Review of SiS GO Range Products

I've been using some of the SiS products for a while now so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them starting with the GO range, the ones I use on the bike. I'm aware this is a positive review - that's because I think these products are good. I'll review the REGO range and Supplements in later videos.

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This is the third video I've made as a member of the SiS Winter Academy, so please check out Video 1 and Video 2 as well.


Iain said...

Hmmm. I still think the Graeme Obree approach works fine. You can go a long way on a marmalade sandwich.

Simon said...

Hi Iain

Oh I agree - "Jammin' Up" I think he calls it in his book.

There was a great bit in Panorama where Obree spoke about "applying short chain glucose with a special applicator to a carbohydrate base" (or something).

Then demonstrated by spreading jam on a piece of bread.