New Podcast - Jasper Around Ireland

Jasper Winn has written a superb book about a sea kayak journey.
Called Paddle - A long way around Ireland I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough.

Jasper is a professional writer, a great story teller, and has produced the best book about a sea kayak journey that I've read since Brian Wilson's Dances With Waves.

He also runs the excellent website

It was after reading the book I invited Jasper to record a podcast which you'll find at Sea Kayak and all the usual places.

There's a streaming version below.  Subscribe free and you won't miss a thing. 

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Ireland County Clare tours said...

I watched your video shared by you here. It tells the whole about the story of your waterside travel. I hope that you will also share more details with me in the form of an article. See your next post soon.