24 Hour MTB Race on The Adventure Show, Sunday

When I did the first edit of this programme I was struck by how it felt more like a documentary than a sports show, as we follow a series of competitors through the gruelling 24 mountain bike race, The Strathpuffer.  I spent four days on this event, pre-filming with competitors and organisers, and the results look good.  

There are also two features with Cameron McNeish.  One is about budget walking kit while the other is a fantastically evocative Wild Walk above Kinlochleven.  I thought I knew the area well, but this turned into quite a surprise.  

The Adventure Show is on BBC-2 Scotland at 8pm Sunday 17th March.  If you have Sky or Freesat you can easily find the BBC2 Scotland channel. Or catch it on iPlayer for 7 days.  It's worth it!

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