Waterproof Video Camera

This is the Sony GW55VE and it's currently my favourite video camera.

Almost all my professional work is shot on my Canon XF305 which I wrote about last year.

I'll be using it tomorrow on yet another shoot for BBC-2 Scotland's The Adventure Show.

However, this tiny waterproof Sony 'flip' camera will also be in my pocket because the results it produces are superb.

I've used small waterproof cameras before, and their results have never been as good as regular cameras in waterproof housings.

This time it's different, and we've used it extensively in Volume 3 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.  It records AVCHD onto micro SD card, and imports directly (as ProRes) into Final Cut Pro.

But if you're tempted to buy one, keep a very close watch on the waterproof seal, because after six months of weekly use, mine failed.  I sent to camera to Sony's repair department who recognised it as a fault and sent me a brand new replacement.

If you'd like to see how it looks on screen, then take a look below.  Or click here and scroll down.  All the cycling videos I've posted on this blog were shot on this wee camera, with only a few (obvious) GoPro shots thrown in.


Val from Kayak Canoe Blogger said...


I was wondering if you can plug an external mic on this camera, and can you put it on a tripod?
Thanks for your post!

Simon said...

Hi Val

There's a standard quarter-inch tripod mount.

However, you cannot plug in an external mic, which I see as a huge advantage. Advantage, because such inputs are usually covered with a tiny grommet which inevitably fails. This way the camera has a greater chance of staying waterproof.

Personally, I find it much more successful to record the audio on a separate recorder, sealed in a dry bag, with a tie-mic clipped to the person who is talking. They can be any distance from the camera and you get good, clean audio. Sync them up when you edit using a hand-clap.