Raid Pyrenean

Tomorrow I start a cycle trip with twenty strangers, all of us booked with Marmot Tours to attempt the Raid Pyrenean.

I honestly do not know if I can do it.

From Atlantic to Mediterranean coast in 100 hours over a series of cols specified by the Cyclo Club Bernaise. Here's the intended mileage and daily ascent in metric - (100km is 60miles).

Day1: 160km 2200m
Day2: 140km 3530m
Day3: 170km 3110m
Day4: 145km 3400m
Day5 (am only): 98km 620m

Or that would be the plan. Except the Col du Tourmalet is closed with snow. Tonight we'll hear the revised plan, but it won't be shorter or any less steep.

A potential head-cold is niggling and burning the back of my throat, which is not good. A potential show-stopper in fact. Or I might just be getting my excuses in early.

I'll try to write more each night but I might not have the energy!

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