2nd Free Film from Vol 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Rolling Clinic team
Shooting Rolling Clinic is the second of four free films we're giving away before the launch of our new DVD.

These are the 'extras' we'd normally put on the DVD but, with two and a half hours of coaching, there wasn't space on the disc.

Rolling Clinic is completely unlike any other rolling film you may have watched. Some reviewers have had slight criticisms and, while I honestly respect their opinions, I wonder whether part of the criticism might come from the way they've watched it. I wrote about this in previous posts.

Shooting Rolling Clinic is your chance to see how this interactive series of films is designed to work. Download it from Sea Kayak Podcasts.com or Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.com then when you see the final version on the DVD it won't come as too much of a surprise.

Subscribe free at Sea Kayak Podcasts.com or iTunes and the next two films (the best two) will automatically be delivered to your computer.

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