Pre-Order DVD-3 Now

Place a pre-release order for our new DVD, Volume 3 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown and yours will be in the first batch we dispatch.

I anticipate we'll start shipping the new DVDs on Monday 21st October 2013 but that date is not guaranteed.  

Full details are on the website - just choose PAL or NTSC version.

Believe it or not, the idea to offer a pre-release order option came from people who already have the previous versions.

I did a mail-shot yesterday to exisiting customers and quite a few emailed me to ask "can I order it now?"

It wasn't something I planned to offer but, because people seem to want it, I have done just that.

Meanwhile, download figures for the first of the four free films we're releasing in the run up to the DVD launch are stratospheric.  In three days we've had as many downloads as we'd normally receive in a month, and the numbers keep rising!

The list of films and timetable for their release is here, or download the first film directly from this page below.  Shooting Sea Kayak Navigation goes behind the scenes with Gordon and Franco Ferrero, shows a couple of out-takes and some scenes from the final production.  

Right click here and "Save File As..." or whatever your browser offers to download a file.


Robert Gallant said...

What else can you expect Simon, when you deliver a quality product, people want it "now"!!! The anticipation is killing me.


Simon said...

Thanks Robert - hopefully the free films will keep people going until we get the DVD out.