1000 DVDs Anyone?

If you were wondering what 1000 DVDs look like - now you know.

They took ages to travel from Germany to our (fairly remote) corner of north west Scotland, passing through at least three courier companies along the way.

They're here now, ready for me to unpack and start the bagging and stamping process.  We still use old fashioned stamps because a franking machine costs too much over a whole year.

Time to update the website.  Oh - and if you're an Internet Explorer user who has been 'seeing double' on our website recently, then I hope that problem is fixed.


Ian said...

It must be a pleasing sight (as well as a pallet of work) Simon - hope the process goes well!

Kind Regards

Simon said...

First I was worried they wouldn't get here. Now I'm worried they won't all go.

Seems just like yesterday you helped to bag the first lot. It was 4 years ago - crikey!