I confess that over the last two days we've been concentrating on PBT rather than the DVDs.

PBT is our not entirely serious shorthand for Project Border Terrier.  
The search phase started a several months ago. Research visits to various shows and enquiries made to friends and relatives with BTs proved invaluable.

The development phase involved several trips to near Manchester (!) to a breeder Liz liked.  

Dr Wilcox has provided advice on training a BT for sea kayaking.

The acquisition phase culminated at 08:30hrs this morning in Cumbria.  

"Maggie" as she will be called ("Phoebe is her Sunday name) is now settling in to her new home in our kitchen and I suspect you might hear more of her in coming weeks.

I meanwhile have a lot of stamps to stick on a lot of envelopes.  The DVDs will dispatch on schedule.   They will be in the Post Office on Monday and should be with UK buyers by Wednesday.  Perhaps with a paw-print or two on the back.


JANICE said...

DVD excellent! Packed to the gunwales with invaluable expert advice but Maggie is the star of the week...
Well done you
Janice xx

Simon said...

Thanks Janice. I should explain, Janice is one of the students in the Sea Kayak Navigation film, and I sent out participants' copies of the DVD a little early.

Replication Deals and Prices said...

It was awesome DVD. Nice effort.