DVDs In Time For Christmas - Premium Delivery Options

The most common email I will receive this week will be the same as last year:

"if I order a DVD will it reach me before Christmas?"

This year the answer is "almost certainly" if you order using our pages for Special Delivery (UK)Priority Mail (USA) or International AirSure (some EU).

The 'almost' is there because the postal services won't guarantee their delivery times.  

These are the official last posting days for UK delivery.  I take orders to our local Post Office around 10am every day (mail leaves early from this part of Scotland). Anything ordered before 10am will almost always ship the same day. 

Today (Monday 16th) and tomorrow, our standard service to the UK should still be fast enough.  But as the days tick past and the volume of mail builds in the system, then the premium delivery options outlined above become the more reliable options.

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