Padlocks Of Love in Glen Nevis

Look carefully at this bridge in beautiful upper Glen Nevis and you'll see the start of what could become a traditional declaration of love.

Or is it vandalism?

Padlocks have been attached to the bridge fence. Some have the names of sweethearts engraved on them, others have their messages crudely scrawled in felt pen.

I confess I knew nothing of this 'Love lock' thing until I Googled it.

It seems it began spreading through Europe from the early 2000s with different reasons for choosing particular locations.

In Serbia they can be traced back to before World War 2 and a bridge called Most Ljubavi, now called the Bridge of Love after the padlocks.

In some places local authorities have not been impressed.  They consider the padlocks vandalism and have even tried to have them removed, which can be a rather costly option.

Read more about them here.  I quite like the Glen Nevis locks.  It's a rather dull looking bridge and they brighten it up.

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