We Won Three Paddling Film Festivals!

I was cautious when we had won two events, but now we have won all three of the paddling film festivals we entered I feel able to celebrate a little more.

The film which won is Handling Emergency Situations, a 20-minute cut-down of the 45-minute film of the same name that you'll find on Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.  

It's the most challenging and ambitious film Gordon, Morag and I have ever attempted.  I was pleased with the results and so I am delighted the instructional qualities have been recognised.

I was slightly hesitant because there is no remotely similar instructional film to compare it against.

Now it has won Best Instructional Film at the big Reel Paddling Film Festival in Canada. Just a couple of weeks ago it won the same award at the US National Paddling Film Festival and the  Education and Safety award at the Waterwalker Film Festival.

We last won all three awards with Volume-1, way back in 2009. Volume-2 won at two of the festivals in 2011 but we missed out on Waterwalker that year.

It's nice to hit a hat-trick and go out on a high.  

I say that because I can't see anywhere I want to take the series.

To meet our exacting standards, each Volume must be better than the last, and in all honesty, that would be quite a challenge. 

Hopefully I'll be meeting Morag and Gordon soon and we can talk about whether there'll be a Volume 4.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Simon this is really well deserved. You must all be feeling so pleased. I am really not surprised that it has got this recognition my own judgement was 12/10!

Simon said...

Thank you Douglas. We were pleased and I'm wondering where we go next. We'll have that chat next weekend.