Final Preparations for LeJog

We've now done a couple of test rides with the kit we'll use on our Lands End to John O'Groats ride.

I'm sure experienced ultralight riders will scoff at how much we're carrying but we hope we have chosen the right kit for us.

It's many years since I rode old mountain bike tracks across France and Spain so I am a little rusty.

For most riding we can get our spare/evening kit into one small dry bag on the rear and a bar bag on the front.  

As you can see from my unoccupied bag, we also have a second, smaller dry bag which we can attach on top of the first.  We expect to only need it on exceptionally warm days, when we have to carry most of our bad-weather kit.

There's be three of us - Liz, her brother and me.

We'll start out following the Cyclists' Touring Club B&B route, mainly because we plan to stay in B&Bs rather than camp.  

We've drawn the route on a road atlas and it looks OK.  The house sitters are on their way and we're all set.

I doubt I'll blog from the route because there are so many other people who've done the same thing and, quite honestly, most are dull.  

But - a potentially significant injury has cropped up.  The doctor diagnosed either a groin strain or the start of a hernia - neither of which are particularly comfortable when riding a thousand miles!

EDIT: Sadly, we postponed this trip.

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