Classic Cycling Documentary - Full Video

Way back in the mists of time, when working for BBC Newcastle, I met a TV producer called Richard Else.  Richard is the man behind so many great mountain films, from Wainwright to The Edge and, more recently, the BAFTA winning Great Climb Live from Harris to the prgramme I frequently work for The Adventure Show. Richard has also been a judge at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and is actually Professor Richard Else. Some chap.  Continues

Back in 1986 he made a documentary film about the bike building Taylor brothers. Richard reminded me about this during a meeting a couple  of weeks age when we were dicussing another cycling documentary we'll be shooting in a few weeks time.  More about that in another post.

I searched for The Bike Brothers and sure enough, the whole twenty-five minute film is on YouTube.  I heartily recommend it to you.  Oh and I had already worked for the BBC as a reporter for three years when this went out.  So, so old…

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