How The Tour de France Reaches Your TV

After twenty five years with the BBC I know a little about staging outside broadcasts.

I was chatting with some friends about how the coverage of the Tour de France works when I realised that I didn't understand all the technical links employed in this huge, mobile event.

I claim no credit for the graphic opposite.  

I found the answers to my questions - and whole lot more info than I understand - on a very good Australian website called Cycling Tips.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

Sorry to hear about the injuries.
I certainly have a good recommendation for a sports physio. Gal Kantor is a sports physio in Glasgow who helped me with a back thing a few years back. Since then people have popped up with problems and I have suggested Gal to good, often excellent effect. He is very systematic, looking at individual people with great scrutiny. A paddling friend was pleased with seeing him 2 weeks ago. Haven't seen him for years, but anyone who sees him seem to be very pleased. Let me know how you get on if you see him. Hope to bump into you paddling some time.
Phil Bolton

Simon said...

Hi Phil

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply with this recommendation.

I think I've found someone in Falkirk who specialises in cycling, so I'll see him first, but it's great to have another go-to name just in case. Much appreciated.