A Video About Us Shooting Video For The Adventure Show

Last year I shot a feature in Spain for The Adventure Show with Cameron McNeish.  

It was part of the Wild Weekend series in which we try to pack as much adventure as possible into a long weekend. 

On our visit to the Costa Blanca we did a great hike on day one, then on day two tackled a rather steep via ferretta.

These features are genuinely shot over one weekend - there's no TV trickery. 

What's more, there are no helicopters or behind the scenes helpers - we carry all our own kit.  

In my case that usually means hiking kit and mountain gear.  

Except in this case our leader brought along a friend to keep an eye on me. It was my first time on a via ferrata and Jaime's job was to make sure I was clipped on at all times while filming.

This being Spain, a friend came along as well, so our compact team of three had swollen to five.  Fortunately Jaime brought a GoPro camera and made a short video of us making a longer video.  I saw it when it was published and I've only just found it again.  I look ridiculous in that helmet.

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