High Vis Cycling Vest

I recently met and filmed some Audax cyclists as they tackled a challenging 1300km hilly route around Scotland.

Waiting in the darkened streets of Oban to film their arrival I was impressed by the visibility of two particular riders.

Their windproof vests were high vis both day and at night.  I only had a battery light on my camera yet I picked them out hundreds of metres away.

Imagine how clearly they'd stand out when illuminated by a car headlight.

One rider had a Sportful top, but the vest which impressed me most was the orange Mavic Vision.  As soon as I returned home I tried to buy one online only to discover they're no longer made.

Nevertheless, I managed to find a medium which fits Liz and an XL which will go over my winter rain jacket for those dark, wet winter rides.

There are plenty of Mavic Vision Jackets around, but I wanted something that would go over a regular rain jacket.

So if you see one, tucked away in the corner of a shop somewhere, and you might be doing some night riding, then I highly recommend you buy it while you can.

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