New Website - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Websites have changed in the last few years.

Drop down menus and animating photo albums are so out of fashion.  

The emphasis now is on simple, minimalist presentation, particularly the all important home page.

The text must be brief and clearly understandable.

All the vital information should be there.  And it can be long.  People just keep scrolling down to find new material.  Only when you click away from this home page do you enter the more complex areas of a site.  This is clearly a result of more people using iPads and other tablets.

I have rebuilt the website along these lines and added a few of my own design cues, such as placing the text in key places on top of images.

The buying pages, for DVDs and Downloads, are clearer too with drop down menus for the different postage options instead of separate PayPal links.  

I hope it all works!

If you find anything wrong with the site - spelling, links or technical - then I'd appreciate you letting me know.  

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