Scottish Kayaking Pioneer

Simon & Campbell
I'm fascinated by the early days of Scottish sea kayaking and last week I had the chance to meet one of the pioneers.

Campbell Semple is now eighty years old and he invited us to his summer house on Loch Sunart.

Since we live on the same loch, we could have just paddled across, but we wanted to take our wee dog Maggie.

So instead we tackled the 2 hour walk-in to the cluster of buildings which make up his retreat at Drumbuie.

A former eminent surgeon Campbell has devised and installed wind, solar and hydro power in his homestead.

People spend working weeks there, helping to run the place while Campbell feeds them.

Liz walking in with Maggie
He recorded an interview with me about the early days of Scottish sea kayaking and, in return, I managed to get his radio working again.

I also showed him how to listen to BBC Radio Three and Radio Four on his Mac. Did I mention Drumbuie also has satellite broadband?

We had a great couple of days, ate well, and enjoyed the walk in and out.

You'll be able to hear the interview with Campbell at which resume on 1st November.

Earlier I had been able to put Campbell in touch with one of his kayaking comtemporaries Hamish Gow who gave me the footage we used a couple of years ago in a shrt film - the trailer is below. Funny how it all comes together in the end.


David said...

Hi Simon I was looking forward to hearing this podcast on 1st Sept but I can't see that you ever posted it?
... David

Simon said...

Hi David. I'm really sorry - that should have read 1st NOVEMBER!
I 'm travelling and can't change it but it will be live in a few days.