Do You Want That In A Bag?

From Monday (20th Oct 2014) stores in Scotland must charge 5p for plastic and paper single-use bags.

The official guidance is here.  This is the result of a law passed by the Scottish Government to protect the environment by reducing the use of all bags which then reduces the resources used.  

A jolly good thing it is too.

The leaflet I picked up while buying a coffee in McDonald's makes it clear this applies to their take-away food.  

Want a burger and fries?  Expect to pay 5p extra for the tiny paper sack.  But here's where it's slightly odd.

Want just fries?  Then you don't pay 5p.  There's an exemption  for part-packaged food provided it is the only item in the bag.

What if the server hands you the fries in the bag and the burger in your hand - then once you have them you put in the burger in the bag bag yourself?  

Er, I don't know.  It's already in force in Wales, so perhaps someone can advise me.  Or I could just read the official guidance.  Nah - I don't eat burgers.

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