Online Safety Course for Cyclists and Drivers

Initially I thought this a bit naff - kind of obvious stuff.  I was wrong.  

If you ride a bike or drive a vehicle this is genuinely worth watching.

Shot in Glasgow and produced by the city council's Go Safe Glasgow campaign it's applicable anywhere in the UK.  

I first did the cyclists course and to begin with found it all too simplistic.  The answers were obvious - most of us know what we should do even if we don't do it.  Then I got one wrong.  And I could see why.  So I learnt.  

Whether this works in the real world, I'm not so sure.  Cyclists are being taught to "control the road" which I totally get - but I'm not sure the nutter in the white van behind me has done the same course.

If you like it, also check out their Interactive Game and Go Safe Quiz.

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