Sunart Community Hydro Electric Project

Photo: Iain Ferguson for Scottish Water
Our community is raising money to build a 100kw run of river hydro electric scheme.  

We're ahead of many communities trying to do the same because we already have a dam.

Earlier this week Scottish Water formally handed over their old dam which was previously the water supply for our village of Strontian.  

Archie Macgregor handed it to Sunart Community Company Chairman John Tyldsley, one of our near neighbours.  I took along my video camera and you can see the results below

I'll write more about the Sunart Community Renewables scheme in coming weeks.

I've made a promotional video for the project and I'm helping the team with their publicity.

What's more, I shall invest in the project.  As well as being an ethical, environmentally sound project which will deliver returns to our local community, it also offers a good financial return - equivalent to 10% over five years.  More on that in coming weeks.

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