On Arran from my saddle-camera
It is worth making a date or setting the recorder for this one.  7pm tomorrow night, Tuesday 9th Dec 2014.

Find BBC-2 Scotland (it's on Sky, Freesat, Virgin Media) and sit down to watch Sore in the Saddle.

After that search for Sore in the Saddle on the BBC iPlayer.  If you're not in the UK there are still ways to watch iPlayer.

If you'd like to read a few things about the programme you'll find articles on the following sites:

If you spot an article on another website or newspaper (not a forum) please let me know in the comments.


Alex Verg said...

Looks awesome, but I`m at the UK =_=

Alex Verg said...

The last time I went on a cycle route, I lost my car, and the destination is still about 200 kilometers. The track is empty, and I just sat down the battery. No one had even a charge, no cars! I had to ride a bicycle with a heavy battery in the backpack to go to the nearest motel and recharge the battery with a car battery charger. Sad experience!