Most Downloaded Sea Kayak Podcasts 2014-15

My podcast year ties with the financial year.

Not because they make money (they actually cost money!) but because it's the time of year when I do lots of paperwork, so this is easy to add.

I can therefore announce the most downloaded podcasts of 2014-15.

While I'm at it, I thought you might also like to know the most downloaded podcasts since I transferred the whole system over to Libsyn in 2008. has been running since 2006, previously called but I have no statistics from the previous period because the system I used did not provide them.  OK - so the winners are:

Most Downloads 2014-2015

Oileain - Guidebook to Ireland - 3457 Downloads.  

A staggering 1000 downloads ahead of the second placed Podcast, this interview with David Walsh about the second edition of the guidebook has been our best seller - except like all the others, it's free.  Download it (right click) here.

Second place with 2491 downloads is Petr Major's account of kayaking from Prague to Nordkapp, and this was released in Feb 2014 before this recording period.  Download here.

Third place with 2321 downloads is Justine Curgenven's account of her 101 days kayaking the Aleutian Island chain with Sarah Outen.  Download here.  If you've missed any of these, please give them a listen at  You will be inspired.

Most Downloads since 2008

Video, 'Emergency Situations' - 5032 downloads.

Outstripping everything since release in October 2013 this is the free short version of the film made in exchange for the help and support of HM Coastguard and RNLI.

The longer version appears in Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

You can find this video podcast (highly compressed) on the Video page of or download it directly here.  Alternatively, watch the streaming version below.

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