New Book - Day by Day on the Pacific Crest Trail

I have published a new book - an account of our six-month 2,658 mile hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in the United States.

The book has its own website PacificCrestTrail.UK from where you can buy the book in four formats.

The thing that's different about this account is that it is written in the moment.  As we hiked, I wrote our evolving story, capturing a depth of feeling I doubt would be possible after the event.

With the success of Wild by Cheryl Strayed, both as a book and film, there's a lot more interest in the Pacific Crest Trail.  

Whereas we could start when we wished, I'm told departure slots are now allocated to space hikers along the trail.  It's a different world.

The PDF version and generic ePub file for all sorts of electronic readers are available at £2.99 from Digital Goods Store - just pick which file you want to download.

I hope sales will come through the Kindle Store - in the UK and it will also sell in the USA Kindle Store.  There are sample chapters on both.

I also used Create Space to make a hard, printed copy available to purchase.  However, with more than 150 colour photos the price of this print-on-demand version is much higher than I would like - £24.99 and $54.99 - and I'm taking virtually no profit for myself.  This was a real pain to layout but I learnt a great deal and the next book will be much easier to sort.


Anonymous said...

Will definitely read it. I have just finished Chris towns ends excellent book on the same walk!

Simon Willis said...

Chris is a friend (although I haven't seen him for ages) and his walk was very different to ours. As you'll know he carried an ice axe across the Mojave! I exchanged a few emails with Chris while we were on the trail about the difference in the way we did the same route.

I understand things have changed yet again due to the increasing popularity of this hike and the success of the book, 'Wild'.

Good to know so many people are heading to the hills...