New Podcast - Channel Islands & Guidebook

The latest sea kayak guidebook from Pesda Press is, on the face of it, a curious pairing - South East of England and the Channel Islands.

In this month's podcast at Derek Hairon, the author of the Channel Island's section, explains why the book is constructed in this way and shares his detailed knowledge of his home islands.

Derek is the man behind Jersey Kayak Adventures.  His book will be published 1st July and you can order it here.

I haven't yet seen the book but I expect it will continue the high standards Pesda have set.

Publication had been planned for today, 1st June - hence the release date of the podcast.

I'd have loved to hang onto it but I had nothing else to run this month and there's something of a co-ordinated special planned for 1st July.

So please Download and enjoy the podcast, and if you use iTunes then a 5-star review would be much appreciated.

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