The APP Version of Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

It's rather weird to see our films in the iTunes and Google APP stores but there they are.

What we've done is extract 18 of the coaching sessions from Volume 1 and Volume 2, plus the Rolling Clinic from Volume 3 and make them available to purchase within in the App.

If you already have all three films, you won't find anything new.  But hey - it's free!


The first advantage of buying within the App is that you can buy just one or two sessions, you don't have to purchase the whole film.

Secondly, the films can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and then taken onto the water for in-situ coaching.  The films we sell as Downloads through the website have to first be downloaded to a computer then synced across to phone or tablet.  So the App offers greater functionality.

However, the films in the App have far less content - none of the Skye or St Kilda voyage for example.  So the full film downloads may well be considered better value.  

Primarily I see the Google and iTunes stores as shop windows to reach new kayakers who have yet to hear about our films.  Once they've browsed around the App (which is free) I hope they'll buy the longer films directly from us.  

But it's nice to have a choice.

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