Attempting My First Ironman Race

This will be the year I attempt my first Ironman event.

I've been thinking about it for a while.  I know the training demands are huge and consequently, there's a significant risk I won't even make the start line.

But as I've previously written, I like to attempt things where the outcome is uncertain.  If you know you can do it then, where's the risk?  In other words, what's the point?

The first post on this blog was 7th November 2006, and while it reflects lots of changes in our loves, I don't want it to become purely a record for my Ironman training.

There is more to life.

So I have started a new blog, specifically about training for my first Ironman event.  

Some of the posts I write in the coming year will find their way onto both blogs, and some of the relevant ones from here are re-published there.  If you're interested in how a bloke who is pushing 60 years old is training for the toughest race of his life then you might find it interesting.

Meanwhile this blog will remain a place where I try to write about Cycling, Sea Kayaking and Life in the Scottish Highlands.


Dave Crampton said...

Good luck Simon, you have my best wishes!!

Simon Willis said...

Thanks Dave - it's a long road...