GoPro New Bike Mount, Video

GoPro has made two new mounts and they're pretty good.

I'll write about the wrist / arm / leg mount here but one feature they share is the ability to pivot.  That's great, because the shot can be adjusted on the fly.  The old GoPro bike mount clamped in a fixed place on the handlebars or seat post but suffered badly with vibration.  If the road was anything but smooth, the shot was useless.  (I've yet to try the new GoPro 5 with stabilisation - that might help).  (There a lot of similar non-GoPro mounts which fit GoPro cameras - check when you buy).

The new GoPro bike mount seems to have much improved damping.  But rather then read about it, let me show you.  I shot this test piece earlier this year down in Richmond to show the Series Producer of The Adventure Show.  I thought our presenter Dougie Vipond might use this rig during his Braveheart Triathlon attempt.

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