My Current Favourite Podcasts

Winter means more time cycling indoors on the turbo, working out in the gym and low heart rate runs.

That means more time to listen to Podcasts.  I thought I'd share my current favourites.

I know some people need music to exercise, but that pumps me up too much.  I go too fast or too hard and blow the effect of Zone 1 training.  Although I start focusing on my effort, when I have someone talking in my ears I can rift off into their world.

BBC Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy - always tops the podcast charts, so I'm revealing no secret here.  Likewise my second favourite Desert Island Discs, although I tend to be picky about who I listen to.  The others are all triathlon related.

Coach Joe Beer's Smartcast - This has to top the triathlon list because Joe's my coach!  Listen to it and you'll hear why.  It's based around a conversation between Joe and Martin, answering questions, discussing news and info which they've picked up.

Zen and the Art of Triathlon - I like the way Brett records this, often just talking into his phone when he's in the car, then bolting it all together with interviews and news later.  The 'Zen' parts are thought provoking.

Triathlete Training Podcast - based around Eric's interviews with athletes from a range of abilities I found this very helpful in my first year of competition.  Now I'll listen to the first ten minutes and decide whether to stick with it or skip.

IM Talk - is the weekly daddy of triathlon podcasts, although the focus is unashamedly on Ironman events.  It's just two Kiwi's chatting, who can sometimes be highly irritating, but after time they grow on you. They get good guests too.  There are spin off podcasts from this one - The Bevan James Eyles Show and Legends of Triathlon, but I haven't listened to enough of these.

Cup of Tri - the weekly UK version of the above, but with less Ironman branded focus.  Another two-handed conversation podcast, but with Rob chatting to Helen, who I believe is a media professional.  It's great to hear a woman for a change!  The name of this podcast will change to OxygenAddict Podcast on 1st jan 2017.

So that's what I listen to on long, low intensity workouts.  The good thing about many of these is that, if they're getting boring, you can skip to the interview or just move onto another recording.

If you can recommend others - any strength training ones perhaps - then I'd be most grateful.

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