Get Stuff Done (Like Replace Batteries)

With our local ferry off until 3rd January the roads around our part of Ardnamurchan are quiet today.

I saw only two cars on my rather soggy bike ride and no walkers on my subsequent run.

Many of us have a little extra time on our hands, so it's the ideal part of the year to take care of a little device-admin.

Plug your devices into your computer and run the update App to see if new software is available to download and install.

While you're waiting, hunt around in that kitchen drawer when you keep spare batteries and replace the ones in your heart rate strap.  A fading battery can produce some weird readings, so keep them fresh.  What's more, it'll be easy to remember the last time they were replaced.

Incidentally, the ubiquitous CR2032 batteries are relatively cheap in Ikea and big supermarkets.

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