Video - The OMM and Ramsay Record Attempt on the iPlayer

I'm delighted to say I shot quite a lot of this Adventure Show.

It's currently on the BBC iPlayer.

The OMM is a superb mountain marathon event which was challenging to shoot, so I expect it was fairly challenging to race!

However, the photo alongside comes from an extended feature which I'm really keen to see.  Donnie Campbell (the guy in front of my camera) was trying to run 24 Munro mountains in 24 hours - the famous Ramsay Round.  I certainly did not run the whole way!  I covered the bits where Donnie reached roads and stopped briefly to resupply.

My GoPro cameras went further in the hands of Donnie's support runners.  I also had the enjoyable task of shooting an interview with Charlie Ramsay, the chap who devised the challenge.  There's a little clip from this feature at the end of the trailer below.

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