Shoe Covers - These Are Pretty Good

Don't worry, this blog isn't suddenly going to fill up with thinly disguised adverts for Pearl Izumi.

But these Pearl Izumi shoe covers are pretty good.  Why?  Four things stand out.

1. I like the colour which I think is safer than the more standard black.

I've driven past cyclists using fluro shoe covers and my eyes are caught early by the up-and-down movement of pedalling.

Wear all black if you must, but stick these on the ends of your legs and they'll make you much more visible.

2. No zips.  Previously I've had to throw away shoe covers when the zips stick.  A combination of road grit and water damage bungs up zips once they dry out.  I pulled the handle thingie off a zip once trying to make a stuck zip move.

2. They fit tightly.  Instead of zips, this have velcro.  I was wary of this style of fastening, fearing the Large size might pop off my size 46 shoes.

It doesn't.  There are two bits of velcro, one which hugs the back of the shoe and keeps it on, and a second piece running up the ankle.

It's this second piece which lets you get the covers tight to the legs and ankle.

This keeps out all but the most determined rain that's seeping down the inside of your tights.

3.  They're fairly waterproof.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, keeps my feet dry in Scottish rain.

VeloToze are arguably best, but I always feel mine are going to split at any moment.  While still new, these Pearl Izumi shoe covers seem tougher.  There's a slight fleece in the inside but I wouldn't consider these a 'warmth' item.  For warmth I prefer my Bontrager fleece shoe covers, but they're not tight at the top and water comes in.

On a day that's chilly rather than cold they're just right.  So yes - pretty darn good.  In all but the very depths of freezing cold winter, these have become my go-to shoe cover.  As for the gloves in the photo below - I'll write about them some time soon.

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