Triathlete in Scotland? Do This.

If you're doing a long course triathlon in 2017, please give serious consideration to doing this swim.  I did it last year and wrote about it on my Ironman blog.  It was a genuine challenge which I honestly did not know I could complete.  But after that, I could take on anything.  

So when I stood on the start lines of my half and full Ironman races last year I was actually looking forward to those swims.  They held no fear because, after all, I had swum the Sound of Mull.  

Entry is by donation - give what you can.

[Edit - this was a SUPERB day, with many swimmers far exceeding limits many would normally set themselves.  Take a look at the photos from this event, then follow Highland Open Water Swim on Facebook to make sure you don't miss future swims.]

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