How To Dry Winter Open Water Swim Kit

One of the delights of swimming is how little equipment is needed - goggles and swimsuit.

All that changes with winter open water swimming.  If, that is, you don't swim 'skins'.

Those of us who wear wetsuits to wild swim year round usually add neoprene socks, gloves and caps to our equipment.

Once home, all the kit needs to be dunked to remove the salt water.  While the wetsuits and vests slip over normal hangers, the other bits and pieces can be fiddly to dry.

Liz found this gadget from Lakeland Plastics, available online for £9.99.  It's a called a 'soft grip smalls dryer', so it's not intended for heavy items.  Mind you, the supporting rubber cables will pull through their holes if overloaded - we have to fix them regularly.  Even so, this one has proved better than a blue/white one we found in the PoundStore and a grey one we found somewhere else.

It's a great way to dry the items outside or in a warm room so you're ready to go again.

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