New Hoodies, t-shirts & caps in the store

You learn all sorts of unexpected stuff when running a YouTube channel like Always Another Adventure.

The top part of the design was created for me by Liz's best friend Heather who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The font (Myriad Pro) I came up with myself.  I wanted to use these as the basis of a range of 'merch' - t-shirts, hoodies and the rest.  

I even trademarked my design with the UK's Intellectual Property Office.

I'm using Spreadshirt as my print-on-demand store because it integrates well with YouTube.

However, the files were in either .PNG or .JPG format which meant certain designs were closed to me.  They required a Vector file (.AI or .SVG).

I've been off the bike recently with an injury then a head-cold, so I used the time to work out how to convert what I had into what was needed.  

I got close, and then the nice people at Spreadshirt did the rest.  This means I can now offer Men's and Women's running shirts, and zipped hoodies with the logo in my Store.  

Prices have been cut and there's 15% off 6th-11th May 2023

I've also been experimenting with Microsoft's AI Design tool to produce designs that compliment the channel but don't just use the logo.  After typing in phrases such as "sketch of bicycle wheel" and "hand drawn bicycle" these are what the Design tool produced (along with a lot of rubbish!).

Messing around in Canva, and finding a phrase that fit the notion of 'always thinking about the next adventure', I came up with the following design.  I've ordered a t-shirt from Canva bearing this design to get a feel for how it looks. 

The point of this story is to emphasise that I knew how to do none of this a few weeks ago!  It's fascinating to see how much one can learn and create in a limited time. 

Whether the results are any good - well, that's a matter of opinion.  Sales figures won't lie!

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