December Podcast

The secrets of taking better sea kayaking photos will be revealed in the next podcast on

Douglas Wilcox of kindly agreed to share some of his techniques which produce stunning images like this one. It is actually a composite photograph, with the foreground and sunset taken at different exposures and joined together in photoshop.

Is that cheating? Douglas argues it's just a way of making a camera "see" what your eye can see. He has allowed me to illustrate the podcast with several images relevant to our chat, all of which I'll post on the website on 1st December or shortly after.

Make sure you don't miss it by subscribing free with iTunes on this page and it'll automatically drop into your iTunes Podcast box. All this presumes I can get my Mac working again!

The small power adapter has broken and the Apple store currently has it on 3-4 week delivery.

My local Apple re-seller told me 5 people were in the store this morning wanting exactly the same product. Apple forums indicate many people are equally frustrated.

I like the Apple but this has to be sorted out.


Mark Tozer said...

Dear Simon

I may soon be moving on to a MacBook which means a new adapter again

When that happens I will have at least two spares for the current iBook (I know, a bit belt and braces) but your welcome to have them if you are still in need in 2007

All the best with the blog your doing far better than I am

By the way, does the Storm Gathering Podcast still exist as I'd hoped to bath in the infamy a bit longer by directing clients to it?

Simon said...

Thanks for the offer Mark. I bought a replacement, NOT from Mac as they break too frequently, but something called a MacAlly
I'll e-mail you about the Storm Gathering Podcast