Waterproof Bags

I came across these new waterproof bags which look useful for sea kayakers and hill walkers. Consequently, I'm very excited. Yes, excited about plastic bags. Sad, eh....?

Although the plastic bags aren't as thick as an Aquapack, they're much stronger than regular poly bags. The closure system is very simple so seems less likely to break. You fold the bag, then push the "rod" across the top to seal it.

This product and others are specifically designed as waterproof gear cases but there are others in the range. These seem just as strong but are meant to be used to keep food fresh. Check out AnyLock.co.uk. The small size is ideal as a phone/GPS bag, while the medium makes a good map case or water carrier in camp.

That said, they also make one designed as a water carrier with its own spout. The CarryLock is a little heavier but is a very useful bit of kit.

They also do something called the Outdoor Roll bag. It could be used for storing your filled rolls, but as it is reinforced with a nylon mesh to make it much stronger, it could be put to better use.

It's meant to be for air-tight storage clothes (stuff 'em in the loft) but I reckon these strong, pliable bags would have other uses for sea kayakers, not least for storing flares. I'm looking forward to trying them on the water. Kayakers and hill walkers might use them for keeping sleeping bags dry.

Most of these things cost about £5 and if you call Scott Brothers on 01606 837787 they'll tell you your nearest stockist.

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