Liz had a little bit of an epic in Loch Sunart on Saturday. Went out in the sea kayaks with her 21 yr old nephew, a beginner, misjudged the wind and both capsized. While swimming to shore she realised she'd left her dry-suit zip open and it was filling.

The wind was blowing onto the shore, so they were unlikely to be swept away, but she was a little shaken when I arrived eventually. A good example of the mistake happening long before going on the water; she misjudged the seriousness of the undertaking, and consequently didn't prepare herself or her nephew for what might happen. Not zipping up the dry suit and other errors came from that.

However, the best thing to come of the whole episode was finally discovering the whereabouts of my Hilleberg Nallo2 tent. It has been missing ever since the Storm Gathering on Mull. You'd have thought a tent wasn't the easiest thing to loose, yet I somehow managed it. Opening the front hatch of my boat, guess what was peering out of it? Yep.


Anonymous said...

Its good to reminder ourselves that we are all human...we make mistakes. Risk is healthy - high in terms of experience but low consquences which the sounds like what case was. As to the open drysuit zip - once done, never forgotten..!

Anonymous said...

Hello Simon, say hello to Liz, I am
glad to hear about the happy landing!

Glad you found your tent as they are very nice. I have a Nallo 3. I used to label my dry bags (most are black) the same way with marker pen and duct tape but it does come off. A useful waterproof alternative is to laminate some paper labels, punch a hole in the corner and tie the lablel to the bag buckle.

Douglas :o)