After our conversation and interviews with Doug Cooper, Liz and I are thinking seriously about a trip to Greenland in 2008.

We're debating which is best; the simplicity of an organised trip with Glenmore Lodge where you can't pick your companions; or a (dis-organised?) sorry, self organised trip where we do all the work ourselves but go where we want with whom we want. Doug mentioned a contact in Greenland tourism, an organisation which is apparently set up to help people charter boats and helicopters and offer advice. That contact replied last night and pointed me towards this planning website. I've had only a brief look and while I couldn't see any prices, it is a place to start. And it's an appetite whetter.


Douglas said...

Interesting site Simon. I liked the 3 hungry polar bears logo.

Peter said...

should you need any info on southern greenland you can contact me, i might be able to help. i have spent 2 summers in the beautiful south of greenland. it is a trip of a lifetime

Wenley said...

There is a Catalonian Kayaker, Xavier Knorr, who has spent two months in every of the last three summers, in Greenland working as a guide for a kayak outfit. He speaks both English and Greenlandic, and competes in Greenland style.
I am sure that this rare bird will be around in the next summer. If you would like to contact him, drop me a line.
Tom Milani and Freya wrote about him, after Sisimiut 2006. Here's Tom's blog:

Get well soon!

Michael said...

I'd also be happy to pass along qajaq champion Maliqiag Padilla's address etc in Sisimiut to you should you be thinking of heading that far up the west coast.

Anonymous said...

You vould do worse tham pick Dave Evan's brains - he's doing a Greenlad trip in 2007 ... see ->

... Dave M