It always happens

It has finally stopped raining in Glasgow. In the first fifteen days of December we've had more rain than would normally fall on us in the entire month, and that's usually a lot. The forecast looks good. Well - not bad.

Perhaps it's the weather, perhaps it's our age. Liz, who never gets a cold, has a cold. I'm fighting off what threatens to be one. Despite this, after so long off the water it'll be difficult to resist going out paddling if the weather is good.

We've been lucky compared to many people who've lost property and other possessions in towns around Scotland. Cailean was out helping folk from 4.30pm to 4.00am the other night and then had to go straight to work - that's voluntary work.

Over the last few days when I've caught myself staring at the patterns formed by the rivulets on the window, I find myself thinking of a summer in Greenland. Comments by Pete and Douglas on the previous posting made me think even harder. I may come back to you Pete.

I've also thought I may take the unusual step of posting a third podcast this month. I'm sure many sea kayakers get a little frustrated on the dark, wet, windy days of winter. Listening to Liz's edit of Doug Cooper talking about Greenland really lifted my spirits and I suspect it might do the same for others. I'll have to check the bandwidth, but I may put that live just before Christmas. I'll stick a sprig of holly behind its ear.

In the meantime I've been working our industrial juicer, the sole concession to domesticity which Liz brought to our relationship. In front of me are three pitchers; carrot and ginger, lemond and ginger and fresh cranberry. We're hoping this will help fight off the colds.

Let battle commence.

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Cailean Macleod said...

Get well soon - if you 'healthy' potion fails you then resort to fine single malt such as Highland Park! Have a look at this month's Canoe + Kayak UK for more Greenlandic inspiration.