Offending photo and text removed

Those of you looking at the Scottish Routes section of may notice I’ve removed some photos and route descriptions.

I've been contacted by someone who thinks I give out too much information about campsite locations. I don't agree, but I respect his view and this is a sensitive subject, so I've changed a couple of things.


Douglas said...

Hello Simon, it is a very difficult area. I must say I had not particularly noticed anything too obvious on your site ( I like the new layout o:) ) I have the same problem with my site and I am careful not too give too many pointers. One problem with the internet is that it is not only sea kayakers that will Google for "camp site Sgeir Bhan Mhor"

Simon said...

Douglas - I've wrestled with this issue for years, and we've spoken about it too. I hope this may lead to a Podcast with the SCA about responsible sea kayak camping... we'll see how it pans out.