Podcast - 5 Star Award

It was fun on the Corran ferry this weekend in high winds.

A rather appropriate time to publish the latest Podcast.
What does it take to pass the 5-star BCU award? A certain amount of myth has grown up around the top personal performance award run by the British Canoe Union. Doug Cooper, head of paddlesport at Glenmore Lodge, cuts through that myth with a clear explanation of the skills you’ll need to be a 5 star paddler. Listen or subscribe free here. Or download from Podcast Library.


Wenley said...

Thank you, Simon! I enjoyed it thoroughly. I just wish they interviews would last longer. They are as good as to feel short.

Simon said...

Thanks Wenley. Someone else told me Podcasts should be nearer 30mins long. I'll give this some thought. For now I'd rather they were shorter and interestng than longer and waffling! Any other thoughts about duration?

Douglas Wilcox said...

Simon, my vote would go for more, short and sweet!
That's a very impressive ferry glide. I would love to see a bigger picture of that one. Did the ferry remain in service long after that?

Simon said...

Hi Douglas - it never fails to amaze me the conditions in which the ferry runs. I took a series of photos as it came in to the Neher Lochaber side, failed to dock, tried again and made it. Bear in mind we were watching this epic BEFORE getting on board. We nearly decided to drive around the loch! But it's easier to dock on the Ardgour side because it's sheltered. Once on board it wasn't so bad, but coming back on Sunday night we did have a wave break over the car while on board which was exciting. I'll post some more phtos bigger size when I get a chance.