Bulkhead Foam

Liz and I have replaced the foot pegs in my boat with a foam bulkhead.

She has much more ability in the arts-and-crafts department, so she worked out the template and cut most of the foam to size.

It would have been very easy were it not for the tubes under the deck. The previous owner, Douglas Wilcox, had the boat tricked out with two pumps, a Henderson deck mounted bilge pump and an electric pump. I've since removed the electric pump but the tubing is still in place.

The boat has a curious provenance and might be one of the original Quests. The sticker in the cockpit calls it a “Capella Explorer” and the word "Explorer" is etched into the seat.

It originally belonged to Mike Thompson of Scottish Paddler Supplies, who tells me it was a demo boat, which he named “Sea Quest”. He said he encouraged P&H to come up with a more distinctive name than “Capella Explorer”, so they borrowed part of the name he’d used on this boat. The “Quest” was born.

I’ve left the rails in place to avoid having the bare screws stick into my legs or puncture my dry-suit.

Does it work? It’s too early to tell. I’ll get back to you.

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