Keeping Things Dry

There's a danger I'll look back on this entry in a few years and think "What a sad person". I find myself about to write a blog entry about plastic boxes and bags.

Cross-over has always interested me. Solutions from one sphere of activity can often cross-over into entirely unrelated areas.

For example, I read recently about someone who uses a container for welding rods to store his flares. That's an excellent cross-over solution, although I think I have found a cheaper and possibly better one for flares - see below.

First, back to boxes. A Pelicase big enough for a compact camera costs £10.50. The above case cost £2.99 from Lakeland Plastics. Obviously it's not as strong, but it is just as waterproof.

I was also taken with the £3.99 box. The removable dividers make it a useful choice for a First-Aid case, or for stuff that could damage each other if allowed to roll around. The batteries in this compartment give a sense of size.

Now the bags. The PackMate Outdoor Sport Roll bags are proving to be a simple, reliable way to store parachute flares in the kayak cockpit. I've written about these bags before.

They're essentially big zip-lock bags, reinforced with nylon webbing, designed for long term storage of clothes. Parachute flares exactly fit across the medium size. Mine have been behind the cockpit seat on three outings so far, one of which involved a wet exit, and the inside has remained dry.

So there we are. Plastic boxes and bags. If I'm a sad person for writing about such things, remember who read it...


David said...

PackMate I have used instead of the rather bulky various types of kayaking waterproof bags - and they are really excellent. As well a waterproof a huge benefit is being able to sit on them and *all* the air is expelled and your clothes become super-compact (and super-creased !).

Michael said...

Not sad at all! I frequently use similar boxes for gear I stow below deck where it isn't subject to waves and so on. Currently I on the lookout for a more sturdy, clear container which will support wire plug fittings running from a remote camera lens to my video camera. It needs to be clear in order to activate the camera using a remote inside another clear bag. Aaah, the world of bags and boxes!