Next Podcast - Going Astray

We stray ever so slightly from the sea kayak part of in the next podcast which is about canoeing.

That's because some of the routes in Eddie Palmer's new book stray into the territory of sea kayaking. Arguably. This latest offering from Pesda Press is published in a few days time.

In the podcast, Eddie talks about the routes in the book and explains the delights of open boating to a relative newbie like me. We also discuss access issues, some of which are also starting to stray into sea kayaking.

With all these things going astray perhaps it's not surprising the Podcast won't go live until late Sunday evening 1st April. As usual listen or subscribe free here or in the Podcast Library.


George C. said...

Hello Simon, thank you for these podcasts which I listen to in the tube. A while back, you posted one on the Solway I thought I downloaded it but I did not have time to listen to it. We are going to Kirkcudbrigt at Easter and now I can't find it either in my itunes library or on your website. Has it been removed for some reason and would that have removed it from my itunes? Is it possible to put it back?
thank you, George

Simon Willis said...

Hi George

Thanks for the comment. Sorry for this confusion which is entirely my fault.

I "trailed" that I would be publishing the Solway Podcast but never did. I switched it for the Coaching Podcast which was current and had no shelf life.

On the timetable I'm currently using, I plan to put the Solway podcast live at the start of May, which doesn't help you much for Easter!

However, I can very easily get a copy of it to you electronically if you send me your e-mail address. Go to and use one of the many email buttons.

Glad you find them useful.